Best Price Guarantee Terms and Conditions

  • •Comparsion with online Japanese reservation sites at the time of reservation
  • •Comparison by the same conditions (hotel, accomodation date, number of people, room type, duration of stay« check in / check out time », meal menu, payment methods, cancellation terms, supplementary service and additional content (including amenities))

Not covered in our Best Price Guarantee

In promising the best price guarantee, the following will be excluded from the comparison for the following cases. Thank you for your understanding.

  • •price set by an outside source for which the hotel can not sell, such as prices set by travel agents for arranging trips.
  • •Pricing for specific member organizations ⇒ Direct mail, membership organization restrictions and welfare benefits, plans for which the fee is not disclosed for general customers
  • •Packaging fees that accompany the use of facilities other than accommodation, transportation, meals, etc.
  • •Fees which cannot be booked on the website, such as reservations that are accepted only by phone
  • •Prices subject to payment by coupon ticket, voucher, credit card, etc
  • •Fee fluctuations according to exchange rate
  • •Price of auction site (joint purchase site etc.)
  • •Fees considered as a discount for benefits such as points awarded, cash vouchers, etc.
  • •Products for groups
  • •Campaign products
  • •Limited-time sale products